Loan Officers

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Time is an Ally

It can be years from the time a client closes on a loan until the next time they might need your services. Staying in touch with them month after month is an easy way to earn that future repeat business.

8DollarFarming is turn-key. I'll do everything, so you can focus on your clients.

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Clients keep you busy

You wake up to a dozen emails from overnight.

Your phone doesn't stop ringing and pinging all day long, until you finally turn it off late in the evening.

Rinse and repeat, week after week. Your days are spent taking great care of your customers and prospects, but that doesn't leave you any time for long-term marketing to the rest of your contacts.

8DollarFarming can do that for you, month after month, and year after year. No sweat.

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Realtor Loyalty

Loyalty builds business

Remember how great it feels when a new client calls because one of your Realtors referred them to you?

Why not offer an 8DollarFarming subscription to your Realtor-clients?

Providing an 8DollarFarming subscription for your Realtors is a triple bonus:

  1. They will appreciate your support, and will look to reciprocate by sending you additional business.

  2. Since you are helping them grow their business, there will be more business available to refer.

  3. Loyalty makes a great moat, which means it'll be that much harder for another loan officer to build a relationship with your Realtors.

An 8DollarFarming subscription is also a value-added way to build a relationship with a new Realtor referral source!

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Sponsor Three,

get Yours free

Loan Officers are offered a special volume discount pricing, allowing you to "sponsor" multiple Realtors at deeply reduced subscription rates. Purchase 3 subscriptions and get a 4th for FREE!